Here are some suggestions as to which of our bird feeders will fit each bird given below. If the type of bird you need to feed isn't on this list, try to find one on the list with a comparable body size and weight. Please, keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Each owner has their own preferences as to how they like to feed their birds. Birds of the same type can vary in their eating habits and amount they can consume. All this should be taken into consideration when choosing a size. To select the correct feeder for your bird, find the column with the number of birds in a specific cage then scroll down until you find the row with the correct type of bird in the cage. Where the column and the row cross will contain the correct type of feeder we recommend for the situation. 

Finches, Amazon, African Grey or Macaw - We've got the feeder just right for you! 

Please download file for complete Feeder Guide