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If you have it hooked up to the cage and full of food, just use your hand and rake the food out of the trough (the part inside the cage that holds the food and the bird eats out of) and into the lower reservoir, then empty the food into a container. Once the feeder is as empty as you can get it, unscrew the wingnuts and remove the feeder from the cage. Fill up the kitchen sink with water and a mild detergent. You can let it soak for several hours if you want, then scrub the feeder with a wash cloth or wet paper towel. Don't use a scrubbing pad or something rough, this would scratch the feeder really bad. If you want to sterilize it, use an antiseptic such as novasan or other antibacterial agent. Don't use BLEACH, it may react with the acrylic causing small cracks or other problems. 

SOME of our customers have informed us that they use the Dishwasher to clean the feeder.  NO HEAT SETTING ONLY - We have not tried this, but several of them have stated that is how they clean theirs.  So try at your own risk - They all cautioned to MAKE SURE you use the NO HEAT setting when using the dishwasher.