Cockatiel, Diamond Doves, Gold Capped Conure, Green Cheek Conure, Grey Cheek Parakeet, Sun Conure

 Hooking up the feeder is fairly straight forward. When you receive the feeder it will be in one piece, held together with wingnuts. Simply remove the wingnuts and the feeder will come apart into two halves, the inside with the perch and the outside with the sliding door, the top hinged door. Open the cage the feeder is to work on and put the inside half in the cage. Press the side with the foam and bolts up against the inside of the cage so the bolts are sticking out of the cage through the bars. Make sure the hooded part is at the top and the pointed end is pointing down. Next reattach the outside of the feeder to the inside by slipping the bolts through the holes in the outside half, then reattach the wingnuts. It should look just like it did when you received it except there is  cage wire or bars in the middle of it. Lastly, open the top lid of the feeder on the outside of the cage (it's on a hinge), and fill it up with what ever dry food you wish to use, seed, pellets or nuts. When some of the food is cycled down into the lower part of the feeder simply hold a bucket under the bottom part of the feeder and slide open the bottom door, the food will flow out and into the bucket. This food is a mixture of either seed and hulls, or pellet and the left over powder, what you would normally throw away. Just blow off the hulls of the seed mixture or sift out the pellet powder, and put the good whole food back into the top.

Will fit any bird cage from small to large bird cage - Any exotic bird aviary