Bird-Zerk Feeder

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The feeder is designed to fit on almost any cage, from the professional breeder using welded cage wire to the pet bird in a Wrought Iron decorative cage. The feeder is made of two main parts, (PART A) the half that goes on the inside of the cage where the bird eats and (PART B) the half that goes on the outside of the cage which holds the food.  Feeder (Part A) has bolts in the back-plate of the feeder as it shows in the diagram, and the matching holes are in (Part B). When the two halves of the feeder are put back together, matching the holes with the bolts, and the cage wire or bars are in between the two halves, then you have a recycling whole bird feeder that you can feed from the outside. 

 To install on any cage simply follow these steps:

STEP1) Remove 2 wingnuts (PART C) holding feeder together and separate.

STEP 2)  Take part A (Inside) of feeder, put inside of cage with bolts protruding thru the bars of the cage to the outside.

STEP 3)  Take part B (Outside) of feeder, align ¼" holes with the ¼" bolts on part A (Inside) of feeder and reassemble the two halves of the feeder back together.

STEP 4)  Re-secure wingnuts to ¼" bolts that were previously removed.  Tighten down snugly, "DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN" see notice below.

STEP 5)  Lift top door and pour in any dry food that you feed your bird such as seed, pellet or nuts.

STEP 6)  To remove hulls and uneaten food from lower bin, simply put a small container under the bottom door, lift bottom door and retrieve.  The food that normally was all over the floor is now reusable, just blow off hulls with a fan or hair blow dryer, or sift out pellet powder with a flour sifter and put uneaten food back in the upper bin and top food level off with seed, pellet or nuts.


Even though the Bird-Zerk Feeder can withstand a lot of wear and tear, if bolts are over tightened or parts are dropped, the acrylic can chip, crack or break.  We suggest that you obtain assistance when installing the feeder onto bird cage or aviary.


If you have a wrought iron cage that uses a square tube as the horizontal bar that the vertical bars are welded to, then you will need an adapter for this cage. The adapter will act as a spacer and enable the feeder to work correctly when there is a large space between the two halves of the feeder.  The adapter can be purchased thru our order page on this website. 


The feeder is not meant to be used as a vacation feeder with no one looking in on your birds every day. The feeder requires daily filling, depending on your birds. Also, some birds (especially African Greys) need some time to get used to the feeder.

To wash and clean the Bird-Zerk Feeder use warm water with a mild soap and clean with a soft cloth or sponge.  Never use anything abrasive such as scouring pads nor harsh cleaners or detergents.

Some clients have stated that they use the DISHWASHER - However, they stressed DO NOT USE HEAT!!!!  If you choose to try the dishwasher - do it at your own risk and DO NOT USE HEAT.