will it work on avian pelleted foods?

Red Rump Parakeet, Senegal, Sun Conure, Budgerigar, Canary, Finches, Blue Front Amazon, Yellow Nape

 Yes, it works very well with avian pellets. Simply treat the pellet as any other seed, the only difference is instead of blowing off the hulls, we recommend pouring the captured pellet in a spaghetti strainer or some other sifter to separate the whole pellet from the dust produced by the birds crunching the pellet (most birds won't eat the powder). You can either toss the dust outside into the yard and have the healthiest wildbirds around or you can add it into a cornbread mix, bake it in the oven and feed it back to your birds. This is also a good way to get them to eat other things like vegetables. A great addition to any aviary.