Eclectus Parrot, Amazon, African Grey, Macaw, Hyacinth, Mini Macaw, Cockatoo, Congo African Grey


Shipping is determined at time of check out by the selected carrier (UPS or USPS) 


 If you have chosen to insure your product during shipping.  Please notify us within 48 hours of delivery and include photos. Photos of the damage MUST be sent in order to satisfy USPS or UPS claims department. Once the claim has been paid by the selected carrier at the time of check-out - then a new feeder will be shipped out as soon as possible. Bird-Zerk will NOT be responsible for any damages during shipping. 


We must be notified within 7 days after receiving your feeder and the reason.  This policy is strictly enforced due to Avian diseases.  We will not put our own aviary at risk. 

-Returns will NOT be accepted if you purchased the wrong size feeder.  The sizes for each species is listed in each product description and the SPECIES GUIDE page. If you are unsure which feeder you need - Please contact us and we will be happy to ensure you purchase the correct feeder for the species you have. 

-Returns will NOT be accepted if you do NOT notify us within 7 days after receiving the feeder. 

-Returns will only be accepted if the overall functionality of the feeder has been compromised due to a manufacturer defect.  (Nope - We aren't perfect either.) 

-If your parrot is able to break or crack the feeder within 30days of receipt -Notify us as soon as possible to discuss further options. Nothing is 100% when dealing with birds and their beaks (we all know that)  However, The acrylic size is determined by the overall median strength of the Avian species in mind. 

 (Refunds will NOT be given under any circumstances)