will it work on my cage / Aviary?

scarlet macaw, hyacinth macaw, greenwing macaw, blue and gold macaw, buffon macaw, blue throat macaw

Yes, it will work on most any bird cage including round ones. It will work on cages made of 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch welded wire to 1 inch by 3 inch welded wire to decorative wrought iron cages with bars running either horizontal or vertical. The feeder can be attached to a round cage but the larger the feeder size the larger the round cage will have to be. The only situation that would prevent the feeder from working is when a cage bar or structural design causes the inside and outside parts to be separated by 1/2 inch distance or greater. And for that gap, we have made adapters so the feeders will still work. Great for any exotic bird or aviary.